[asdf-devel] uiop 2.32.4's uiop.asd has nonexistent (:static-file "contrib/debug.lisp")

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 09:04:09 UTC 2013

That's a packaging bug introduced when I moved uiop in its own
subdirectory of asdf, and not everything followed. Hopefully, it's all
fixed now in 2.32.5.

Happily, none of the issues since 2.32 so far seem to affect it as a
release to be delivered with an implementation: they are issues with
asdf or uiop being packaged to they play well with older versions of
asdf being provided. I guess the hard work that went into testing
(particularly with cl-test-grid) is paying off in the end.

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