[asdf-devel] Re: My current coverage of CL platforms for ASDF and cl-test-grid testing

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Tue Dec 10 13:47:15 UTC 2013

Genworks Support wrote:
> Dear All,
> For reference I've attached our current ASDF toplevel test script, which
> contains our current list of CL implementations, in case you want to
> look for volunteers to fill the gaps for the combinations we are missing. 
> I think the major commercial implementations which are missing are:
> LispWorks Windows
> LispWorks Linux
> Allegro MacOS
> Scieneer CL 
> Genera
> Any commercial Unices. 
> Anything for Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, ARM, etc. 

I am testing Allegro on Mac OS and LispWorks on Linux.


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