[asdf-devel] defsystem :version (:read-file-line ...) fails because :at key isn't recognized

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Fri Aug 16 03:29:05 UTC 2013

Vsevolod Dyomkin wrote:
> Hi,
> Basically, the problem is described in the message header.
> Whereas :read-file-form option is used by ASDF itself, :read-file-line
> isn't used and wasn't tested.
> Attached is a patch with relevant test cases and fixes.
> I would also suggest refactoring the code, because the code paths
> for :read-file-form and :read-file-line are almost identical, but are
> implemented in separate functions.
> Best regards,
> Vsevolod Dyomkin
> +38-096-111-41-56
> skype, twitter: vseloved

I have incorporated this patch as written (no refactoring -- sorry, I
have been too busy), and together with some documentation tweaks, have
pushed it as

This is still a release candidate.  I won't make 3.0.3 until we have the
directory pathname ticket fixes in and tested, and we have some test
reports from others.  I haven't been testing on anything but Mac OS X
Lion for a while now, and I don't know that /anyone/ has been testing on


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