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Mark Evenson evenson at
Sun Sep 4 07:11:09 UTC 2016

On 2016/8/9 21:46, Olof-Joachim Frahm wrote:
> Hi list,
> attached are some patches (from [1]) that have been sitting around for a
> while; one is more of a work in progress, but it would still be great to
> know if it's at least going in the right direction.
> - 0001 Fixes an annoying issue I had where imported nested classes (with
>   the dollar sign in their name) weren't found via JSS.
> - 0002 Adds the `external-only` option as seen in SBCL to `apropos`,
>   because it's convenient.
> - 0005 Adds support for setting the `file-position` on
>   `string-output-stream`s.  Might be somewhat obscure, but I stumbled
>   upon it in some situation.
> The next one could use some comments as well, but I consider it pretty
> well working:
> - 0003 Adds a hook and simple machinery to support multiple internal
>   disassembler backends.  At the moment I've added the ObjectWeb ASM
>   one and kept the existing JAD call.  Should this somehow add an ASDF
>   system to support loading of those libraries via Maven?  At the moment
>   a user has to have the matching JARs in their classpath for it to
>   work.
> Now the one that is not nearly done is 0004 which attempts to fix some
> of the issues with `jnew-runtime-class`, in particular working custom
> constructors.  Now I've noticed that that's a *big* topic, so this is
> just a starting point.  I'm deliberating ways of supporting a direct
> `super` call too, that includes fixing the supermethod calls that are
> still in the code.
> Let me know what you think, best regards,
> Olof
> [1]:

The patches have been [applied as five discrete patches to abcl
trunk][14682] as part of the upcoming abcl-1.4.0 release.  Thanks for
the bug fixes and making little things easier!


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