IO bug

Mark Evenson evenson at
Sun Sep 4 07:18:51 UTC 2016

On 2016/7/23 16:32, Vibhu Mohindra wrote:
> Hi,
> needed fixing. I've modified the version
> in abcl-1.3.2 and attached it. It makes my original test case pass. It
> also makes Stas's shorter test case pass.
> I was able to make Stas's test case pass before mine, so they aren't
> identical.
> I've also attached Java versions of those two test cases.
> I haven't run any of abcl's existing tests or the ANSI test suite
> against my version of to check for
> regressions. But my own program that does a lot of IO runs correctly
> against it.
> Vibhu

Applied as [r14863](; thanks for
the help here!

I need to give better instructions on how to package tests.  I'm about
to give the Maven integration a shove to prepare abcl-1.4.0 artifacts,
so I might as well report on the failing test suite while I am at it.

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