[armedbear-devel] Release planning: two month intervals, but which months?

Mark Evenson evenson at panix.com
Mon Aug 31 08:06:25 UTC 2009

On 8/31/09 9:32 AM, Erik Huelsmann wrote:

Your reasoning of releasing every two months on odd months is 
impeccable, with weekends being the further icing on the cake.

> The second option would make any committer a release manager, if we
> decided to do that [because we would commit the releases to our
> repository, which automatically updates our site]. The reason our
> downloads are currently hosted on SF is that they provide nice
> download stats. If we decide we don't need those or that we can create
> those stats ourselves on c-l.net, there's no reason to continue with
> SF.

I'd go for releasing from common-lisp.net, even though stats are nice, 
so we can keep to the bi-monthly release schedule no matter what is 
going on in people's lives.  If ABCL ever gets popular, we will have 
multiple distribution sites anyways.  Already the FreeBSD port mirrors 
our 0.0.10 release in the distfiles.  And I stash a version of the 
release on GoogleCode under the 'abcl-dynamic-install' project.   So the 
idea we know an exact number of downloads is always a bit of a fiction 

But it would be a shame to lose reporting on the main distribution site. 
  What sort of provisions are there to get logs from common-list.net?

And what about the GPG signatures for the source distributions?  I see 
such files on sf.net now, but I can't seem to decode them.  Is this 
something that SourceForge adds automatically?

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