[armedbear-devel] Release planning: two month intervals, but which months?

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 07:32:43 UTC 2009

Last year we set a bi-monthly release planning. Last spring, we
released once or twice within 6 weeks. This summer it took me - due to
holidays - more time to get our trunk into a releasable state. Or so
it must have looked from the outside.

What I should have communicated is that I'd like to set our bi-monthly
release planning to release around the first weekend of the
odd-numbered months.
Why? Well, it allows the release schedule to continue without
suffering from most of the holidays: summer holidays (at least mine)
are mostly during august; Christmas isn't around a first weekend and
October holidays are rarely close to the first weekend of November.

This means that February holidays may interfere with our release
planning, but if I look at school holidays, these are mostly in the
middle or the end of February.

This plan would also mean that a release should be cut around next weekend.

Then there's the issue of me being the only one with the right access
to SourceForge to upload ABCL release files. We can do two things
about that:
1. Give others upload access to SourceForge
2. Host our downloads on c-l.net

The second option would make any committer a release manager, if we
decided to do that [because we would commit the releases to our
repository, which automatically updates our site]. The reason our
downloads are currently hosted on SF is that they provide nice
download stats. If we decide we don't need those or that we can create
those stats ourselves on c-l.net, there's no reason to continue with

What are your comments?



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