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Chris, you've probably already caught this thread on c.l.l about BEE Lisp.  Quite amusing.



p.s.   This line really cracked me up:  "Who is Marco and what is BEE Lisp doing with his body?"

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> This sounds more interesting than any of my rants about Lisp in AutoCAD.

Entertainingly, when I see this email on my GMail account, it
advertises at me about the "BEE Lisp Compiler" (<http://beelisp.com/>)

It describes itself thus, which does not strike me as, erm, a good thing...

"BEE Lisp is a superficial expandable compiler for The Lisp Language
which allows to create completely independent EXE and DLL files."

FYI... BEE Lisp is an acronym for "Balabanof Eugene Embeddable Lisp."
It looks like it's a very tiny subset of Common Lisp.
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