[toronto-lisp] Factor notes, and website discussion

Brian Connoy BConnoy at morrisonhershfield.com
Tue Feb 10 18:29:38 UTC 2009

My 1.346 cents worth:  I'm good with this Google Sites recommendation.

Brian C.

p.s.   Owing to a 'brain lapse',  I completely forgot about the last meet.    8/

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Hi all,

- The paper that I mentioned is called "Out of the tar pit" and is available here http://web.mac.com/ben_moseley/frp/paper-v1_01.pdf. The paper addresses the issue of software complexity and management of state is cited as the single largest contributor to complexity of software systems.

- If I'm in town next month (there's a possibility that I'll be away on a consulting engagement), I'll be glad to do a presentation on Clojure.

- I wholeheartedly agree on the need for the website and ready to provide the domain www.lisptoronto.org<http://www.lisptoronto.org> (name patterned after www.lispnyc.org<http://www.lispnyc.org>)

Currently, it is hosted at Google Sites<http://www.google.com/sites/help/intl/en/overview.html> for free. Google Sites seems to be a nice web-based app that can serve needs of the group well: it works as a wiki and allows addition of file attachments, widgets (Google calendars, photo albums, spreadsheets and some others).

Please let me know if hosting it there is ok with everyone interested.
- If yes, then I'll add anyone who request to the list of site operators, effectively turning it into a wiki where anyone on the list can add/change stuff.
- If not, we can host it anywhere else.



2009/2/8 Abram Hindle <abram.hindle at softwareprocess.us<mailto:abram.hindle at softwareprocess.us>>

Yes you're right we need a website!

Here are my notes on the last meeting

* LISP Meeting
** Attendance 5
** Website
  We need a website, what should be on it
*** Name
   - toronto-lisp.net<http://toronto-lisp.net>
     Free from Telman
*** hosting
   - dreamhost $0
     abram offers
   - possible hosting
   - google sites
*** Conclusion
   Send to mailing list
   we should discuss this further
** Factor
*** Forth intro
   - stack based
   - tree demo
*** factor
   - random tree
   - time daemon
*** TELMAN - Read Paper Out of tarpit
   - on clojure group
   - revert state
   - restarting always work
*** Abram goes off about
   - ruby-magick-scheme
     git clone http://churchturing.org/magick-what/ (I think)
   - Lispy Perl or Perlish Lisp

*** More website discussion

Vishvajit Singh wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've attached the notes from my Factor presentation last week, along
> with some of the code I demonstrated. I'm new at giving this kind of
> presentation, so it was a learning experience for me. I think that the
> live presentation I gave (actual coding, mistakes and all) worked a
> lot better than a PowerPoint-style one would have. I hope to give more
> presentations in the future.
> This stuff really ought to go on a website. Let's set up a Toronto
> Lisp website for tutorials, code snippets, meeting minutes, project
> collaboration, and so on. I believe someone said they already had a
> domain name registered, which is great. How about we set up a Wiki at
> first, and see where it goes?
> Vish Singh
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