[toronto-lisp] Next meetup :o August 7th?

Rudolf omouse at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 04:24:29 UTC 2008

Hey, I've been neglecting my responsibilities as a Lisper and looking
at JavaScript, a wee bit of Java and now Smalltalk.

So the next meetup will be August 7th, which is a Thursday. After 6pm
of course and I'm thinking LinuxCaffe may be fine. They don't seem to
have anything planned for 7 August. Other suggestions for a location
are, of course, welcome.

Also, ideas for presentations are friggin' badly needed. If you named
your dog Lisp, or you have a tattoo of a lambda on your arm, give a
small 10min talk about it! :-D

Get a presentation idea together or you'll hear some preaching on the
Virtues of Emacs from me (old college presentation I did, it ended
with "you're a loser if you don't use Emacs!" so uh, I don't want a
repeat of that ;-) )


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