[toronto-lisp] Next meetup! and links

Julian Squires julian at cipht.net
Fri Apr 4 15:29:35 UTC 2008

Rudolf <omouse at gmail.com> writes:
> Hey, 8 people showed up for the meetup which is awesome. The food was
> good (I think?) and we had some tables in the backroom of the Fox &
> Fiddle which was much quieter than the rest of the place. We'll have
> to reserve those tables again next time.

Glad to hear the meetings are going well.  I hope to get the chance to
attend again in the next few months, and perhaps drag a few other
Montrealers with me.

> What other object-oriented Common Lisp books are there?

Sonya Keene's book (Object-Oriented Programming in Common Lisp) is
well-regarded, and of course Practical Common Lisp has some good basic
CLOS coverage.  But the Art of the MOP is definitely a classic, although
not (it must be stressed) _not_ an introduction.


Julian Squires
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