[toronto-lisp] Next meetup! and links

Rudolf omouse at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 15:21:33 UTC 2008

Hey, 8 people showed up for the meetup which is awesome. The food was
good (I think?) and we had some tables in the backroom of the Fox &
Fiddle which was much quieter than the rest of the place. We'll have
to reserve those tables again next time.

I had the thought that we could do monthly meetups during the warmer
months, so that means the next meetup would be in the first week of
May. If we go with the current schedule, then the next meetup is in
June. So we're having a vote, who wants to do a meetup next month? Any
other suggestions are welcome too.

Also, here are some links to some of what was discussed last night:
    ContextL - http://common-lisp.net/project/closer/contextl.html
    Cells - http://www.cliki.net/Cells
    Art of the Meta-Object Protocol -
(can't find any PDF version of it, except for a sample of one chapter)
    Chicken Scheme - http://www.call-with-current-continuation.org/
(someone mentioned they were replacing Perl scripts with this Scheme
in particular?)
    Clojure - http://clojure.sourceforge.net/

I'm bad with names but there was a University of Waterloo student who
mentioned doing analysis of source code indentation and how it
indicates complexity. I think this is it:
but I'm not sure.

What other object-oriented Common Lisp books are there?


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