[hunchentoot-devel] Encoding issues in auhtorization header

Christian Haselbach ch at mr-co.de
Wed May 14 21:55:07 UTC 2008

Edi Weitz wrote:
> And, BTW, it probably won't buy you much unless the main browsers play
> along.  I just tried with Firefox 2.0 and if you enter characters as
> login or password which aren't in Latin-1, Firefox simply sends the
> lower octet of each character's code point.  Not very helpful..

That's no big problem (at this point), because the header is written by
the javascript client. That's also the reason it works for me with the
patch I sent. But now it only works in violation of the standards, as
you pointed out. So I just have to fix this in the javascript client,
which I have control over.


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