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Stefan Scholl stesch at no-spoon.de
Fri May 25 20:09:51 UTC 2007

On 2007-05-22 18:10:35, Mac Chan wrote:
> * Why another template module?
> There are indeed a lot of template libraries including CL-EMB, Edi's
> own HTML-TEMPLATE, etc. But these libraries are obstinate in that they
> require you to construct and pass the `environment' variable in order
> to generate the dynamic content.

Nope. CL-EMB is based on John Wiseman's LSP, too. The special
template tags are an additional way to write the templates.

The first example on
http://common-lisp.net/project/cl-emb/examples.html even uses
CL-WHO. :-)

> Secondly, I found that the @if @else template extensions/add-ons are
> often too limited in expressive power.

They are in CL-EMB to limit the expressive power in cases you
need to. Like letting a non-Lisper design HTML.

> where it occurs. With lsp, the line number is lost when we use the
> built-in lisp reader to read the form. However you can use
> `show-lsp-form' in the REPL to examine the code when you encounter an
> error.


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