CLIME, or, a (Mc)CLIM backend based on SLIME

Luke Gorrie luke at
Thu Apr 29 16:00:40 UTC 2021


I've started hacking on a SLIME frontend ("backend") for McCLIM. It's super
early days but there's a WITH-OUTPUT-TO-EMACS macro that lets you use CLIM
drawing commands and have the final result rendered as an inline image in

There's lots to add e.g. a way to choose a CLIM command to execute and a
way to click on presentations to select them as arguments. If anyone wants
to help that would be most welcome!

The problem this solves is being able to write and debug CLIM code from the
comfort of Emacs. It should also be suitable for writing user interfaces
that don't need really fast response times (I'm planning to use it for a
CAD drawing application in the style of KiCad.) The backend is based on SVG
under the hood so in principle it could be made browser-friendly too.

Anyway! Initial demo screenshot attached & linked:

McCLIM code @ branch clime
SLIME code @ branch clime

The McCLIM code currently fails to build just because it doesn't find my
ASD file. I've no idea what's wrong but it's probably something "obvious."

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