The hyperspec keyboard shortcut started launching my email client instead of my browser?

Jeffrey Cunningham jeffrey at
Sun Mar 22 17:19:40 UTC 2020

On 3/22/20 9:01 AM, Pascal Bourguignon wrote:
>> On 22 Mar 2020, at 16:01, Jeffrey Cunningham 
>> <jeffrey at <mailto:jeffrey at>> wrote:
>> For years I've been using Slime's keyboard shortcut to bring up my 
>> browser on a local copy of the hyperspec using the standard Ctrl-c d 
>> h shortcut. Now its started launching a new email window in 
>> Thunderbird, my email client, instead.
>> I'm running Ubuntu 18.04, Emacs 25.2.2, and Slime 2.24.
>> Anyone run into this? Any idea how to fix it?
> You need to identify what emacs package you loaded that overrides the 
> C-c d h keybinding.
> Note that slime-documentation-lookup is normally bound to C-c C-d h
> So C-c d h must have been put there by yourself in your ~/.emacs
> Try to do that at the end of your ~/.emacs, to get a chanc to override 
> the key binding yourself.
> -- 
> __Pascal J. Bourguignon__
Thanks for the reply.  I didn't spell that key combination right. I 
meant C-c C-d h. I haven't changed the default documentation key 
bindings. Nor have I modified .emacs (~/.emacs.d/init.el for my system) 
in ages.  There is no binding over-ride for C-c C-d h in it that I can see.

I suppose that means some package I've been using took over that key 
combination in an automatic package update. So presumably I could 
restore it by manually re-assigning it at the end of the file? Something 

(global-set-key (kbd "C-c C-d h" 'hyperspec)

which doesn't work.


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