Using ANSI colors?

Ben Lambert belambert at
Sat Dec 23 19:22:33 UTC 2017

>> I've wondered about this for a while. Is it possible to print with ANSI
>> colors in a Slime repl buffer?
>> If I load the cl-ansi-text library from Quicklisp (ql:quickload
>> :cl-ansi-text), and I run (cl-ansi-text:yellow "yellow") in the Slime REPL
>> the output is: " [33myellow [0m". When I run the same commands directly in
>> an SBCL REPL, it prints as expected "yellow" in a yellow color.
>> Is it possible to use ANSI colors in Slime? Or maybe there's some
>> workaround?
> <> implements
> what you're looking for. If you're comfortable with emacs lisp, you're
> quite welcome to send a pull request to implement this functionality
> in slime-repl without resorting to defadvice.

Awesome thanks!

I got that code to work, although I'm not sure if the "how to use" instructions are quite right.

I'm not very familiar with Emacs Lisp, but I took a stab at it anyway.  I wasn't quite able to get it to work.  I'm not sure I understand how the buffer positions and markers.  Perhaps you have any tips for what's wrong? <>

(Presumably, you would also want to be able to turn on/off the colors, but I didn't try to figure that out yet).


> Cheers,
> -- 
> Luís Oliveira

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