finding an implementation of SWANK interface

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Tue Dec 19 11:26:28 UTC 2017


Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't know how do I find
defimplementation of some definterface. E.g. I want to go to
swank/backend:activate-stepping, but EMACS only sends me to
definterface, and I have to grep for defimplementation. I don't know
how should I handle this, but I added a simple defparameter into
defimplementation form.

Now, when I'm asking for definition of
swank/backend:activate-stepping, I see two suggested source locations:

(defvar swank/backend:activate-stepping)
(defun swank/backend:activate-stepping)

defun is for definterface, defvar is for defimplementation. This works
at least in SBCL, I guess it is handy. Patch is attached. This may
seem a bit ugly, but SBCL does not suggest a way to extend its
definition database with new classes, so I see no good way to go.

WBR, Budden
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