SLIME repl-thread dies randomly during compilation on CCL/ARM Linux

Mark H. David mhd at
Wed Jun 10 19:39:05 UTC 2015

When I do a longish compilation of many files, SLIME's repl thread dies at some randome point (changes all the time) during the compilation. When I go to the *inferior lisp* buffer, it's fine, but the repl buffer is dead.  I don't really know where to begin trying to debug this.  Working with trunk versions of both SLIME and CCL.   Here's my version info:

CCL: herald:

Welcome to Clozure Common Lisp Version 1.11-dev-r16420M-trunk  (LinuxARM32)

SLIME: latest commit:

commit 1942c53fc40fd6ace0e822b5c9bf551f59061f32
Author: Luís Oliveira <loliveira at>
Date:   Mon Jun 1 22:11:38 2015 +0100

    Release 2.14

Any help or insights appreciated.



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