SLIME 2.14

Luís Oliveira luismbo at
Mon Jun 1 21:15:17 UTC 2015

Hello all,

SLIME 2.14 is released!

* 2.14 (June 2015)
** Core
*** Rationals are displayed in the echo area as floats too
*** Some of SLDB's faces now have MORE COLOR
*** Clicking with mouse-1 within inspector does things
As do mouse-6 and mouse-7. (Thanks to Attila Lendvai.)

** slime-c-p-c (Compound Prefix Completion)
*** Now takes a better guess at symbol case (issue #233)

** slime-fancy
*** slime-mdot-fu is now enabled by default

** SBCL backend
*** Now able to jump to ir1-translators, declaims and alien types
*** Various updates supporting SBCL 1.2.12

** ABCL backend
*** Fixed inspection of frame-locals in the debugger
(Thanks to Mark Evenson.)


Luís Oliveira

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