Navigating SLIME Common Lisp code with lispy.el screencast

Oleh ohwoeowho at
Tue Feb 18 09:13:38 UTC 2014

> Looks neat. Have you seen helm-imenu? It doesn't seem to parse
> definitions as well as your lispy-local-goto but it's got a nice way
> of grouping definitions by kind. (Variables, Types, Defuns, etc...)

I've seen `helm-semantic` which also does some grouping and I've just
had a look at `helm-imenu`.  My opinion is that less is more, so I'm
trying to stick to that in terms of text.  So instead of saying
"Defuns / foo" I take "foo" and fontify it with
`font-lock-function-name-face` (as you see in screencast it's in bold
for me).  Same thing with types and variables: just font lock, no

>> I'm using CEDET functionality, so the parsing has to be done only once
>> per directory and then it's saved to CEDET's db.
> That's interesting. It's not very common, given Lisp's image-based
> introspection philisophy, but I can see the usefulness of being able
> to browse code without a live image. Is there a way to make it parse
> subdirectories as well?

This can be done, but it would require to have some kind of project defintion.
I mean if I'm in project root directory it's fine, I can just recurse it.
But when I'm in a sub-directory how am I to know that I should go one level up
and parse there?
So I'm still thinking what can be done about this. CEDET has something
called EDE
that does project definitions, but I haven't looked into it yet.
And there's a thing called Projectile which I haven't looked at as well.


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