Error in *Fuzzy Completions* message

Sian Mountbatten poenikatu at
Thu Feb 13 12:42:07 UTC 2014

In the *Fuzzy Completions* buffer, the message at the top of the buffer
   For help on how the use ...
It should read:
   For help on how to use ...

In the list of completions, the Flags column shows 8 hyphens, but only
7 flags are listed.

What is the meaning of the score?

In the target buffer, I was unable to get out of Fuzzy Completion mode.
I had to kill the SLIME session and restart. Keying a character which
could not be a completion did *not* end the minor mode.

Dr Sian Mountbatten
Associate member of the FSF no. 10888
Asocia membro de la Libera Programara Fonduso n-ro 10888

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