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Gayane Kazhoyan gayanek at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 15:44:39 UTC 2014


I wanted to pass some s-exps to my Lisp implementation on slime startup and
figured out that putting some code into .swank.lisp works. So, in my case
it was telling the SBCL compiler where it's sources are:

(sb-ext:set-sbcl-source-location "~/workspace/lisp/sbcl/")

It looks to me that this solution is quite hacky: writing implementation
specific code in the general swank setup file. Does anyone know when and
from whom this file is actually being called? Couldn't find anything in the
slime / swank sources.
And the other question is: Is there actually a better way to do this? Maybe
adding a hook on slime-load-hook and executing stuff with slime-rex or
something like that...

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