[slime-devel] Swank Client and Swank Crew

Robert Brown robert.brown at gmail.com
Fri May 11 17:43:32 UTC 2012

I'd like to call your attention to two packages that leverage
SLIME's swank debugging protocol.  The first


is an implementation of the client side of swank.  With Swank
Client one Lisp process can send forms to a remote Lisp for
evaluation.  If a condition is signaled in the remote Lisp, you
can see the stack trace in Emacs and debug it.  Here's some ASCII
art that shows the swank connections:

 Emacs/Slime ---- Master Lisp ---- Remote Lisp

Swank Crew uses Swank Client to create worker pools of remote
Lisp jobs.  You can then use functions like PARALLEL-MAPCAR
or PARALLEL-REDUCE to evaluate forms across many worker Lisp jobs.
Here's another picture:

  Master Lisp
     | | |
     | | ----  Worker Lisp 1
     | ------  Worker Lisp 2
     --------- Worker Lisp 3

Let me know if you give either of these libraries a try.


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