[slime-devel] Today's Daily ChangeLog diff

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Mon May 7 17:28:48 UTC 2012

* Paul Bowyer [2012-05-07 15:25] writes:

> Hello Helmut:
> Thanks for the reply. I see that the fixes you made correct all of the
> errors I was experiencing when running the test script.
> For some reason I don't understand, however, I had to download a new
> copy of slime twice before the test would pass. I failed to note the
> errors on my first attempt, but just deleted the entire slime
> directory and downloaded it again. The second download evidently
> succeeded because the tests ran without problems. Is there a CVS
> command or a checksum arrangement that will verify that the current
> download has been done correctly? Sorry for my ignorance...

A normal "cvs up" should download the newest version of all files.  

Some of the tests are not 100% repeatable; in particular if test.sh is
started without the -S option the tests are executed in random order and
that may cause some unfortunate interferences.  With -S the results are
more predictable.


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