[slime-devel] Today's Daily ChangeLog diff

Paul Bowyer pbowyer at olynet.com
Sun May 6 17:40:12 UTC 2012

Hello Helmut

I've gotten into the habit of running "./test.sh -S emacs sbcl" in the 
slime directory after downloading the daily slime updates just to see if 
it catches something. Normally, after running the test script I get 
three errors I've come to expect as normal and I continue to use the 
slime update.

This morning's update causes an error that I haven't gotten before. 
After listing the three errors I've come to expect as normal, there is 
brief period of waiting and then I get a message "Lisp connection closed 
unexpectedly: connection broken by remote peer"
indicating the connection was closed and the test session remains 
active. I don't know how to close it other than closing the terminal 
window it was running in.

The last few lines showing in the "Tests" window of the "slime : emacs" 
session running in the terminal window were:
** input: (1 0)...
** input: (2 1)...
** input: (4 2)...
* flow-control
** input: (400 0.03 3)
OK: No debugger
ERROR: (error "Timeout waiting for condition: \"In debugger\"")

I'm using SBCL 1.0.55 running on a copy of 32-bit PCLinuxOS.

I've been using the CVS command:
"cvs -d 
:pserver:anonymous:anonymous at common-lisp.net:/project/slime/cvsroot co 
as recommended on the slime website to download slime. starting with a 
fresh install for each update (which only takes a few seconds).

If I download the fairly stable release using the CVS incantations found 
in the slime documentation, the test succeeds with only the usual three 
failures I've come to expect as normal, but the release date on the 
slime I get that way is about a year old.

Is the "test.sh" script I find in the slime directory a useful tool to 
use on new slime upgrades or am I expecting too much from it?


Paul Bowyer

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