[slime-devel] compilation error swank

Christophe Rhodes csr21 at cantab.net
Thu Sep 8 15:53:34 UTC 2011

Helmut Eller <heller at common-lisp.net> writes:

> * Irene DURAND [2011-09-08 13:12+0200] writes:
>> One has a problem on a MacBook Pro (Lion) that I was unable to solve
>> so far.
> [...]
>> ;; Error while compiling /Users/enguerrand-petit/slime/swank-sbcl.lisp:
>> ;;   Don't know how to REQUIRE SB-BSD-SOCKETS.
>> ;; See also:
>> ;;   The SBCL Manual, Variable *MODULE-PROVIDER-FUNCTIONS*
>> ;;   The SBCL Manual, Function REQUIRE
>> ;; Aborting.
> The SBCL Manual should contain the necessary info but now after a quick
> look to www.sbcl.org/manual/ I'm rolling my eyes on The Useless SBCL
> Manual.
> The most likely cause is that SBCL is unable to find the "contrib"
> directory where SB-BSD-SOCKETS is stored.  If I remember correctly, this
> can be specified with the SBCL_HOME environment variable: 
> SBCL_HOME=<path-where-rest-of-sbcl-is>/contrib.

The other thing that might be wrong, if (require 'sb-bsd-sockets) is
failing but (require 'sb-cltl2) does not, is that sbcl executes tests
for its contributed modules and refuses to install those modules that
don't pass their tests.  Given the relative newness of Lion, it's not
impossible that something causes the tests for sb-bsd-sockets to fail,
which would make (require 'sb-bsd-sockets) give that error.  Assuming
that sbcl was built and installed without significant customization,
that would show up as 
  ls -ld /usr/local/lib/sbcl/sb-bsd-sockets
giving an error message.

(if neither Helmut's suggestion nor mine resolves the issue, I think it
would be necessary to see more detail about how the user has installed



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