[slime-devel] compilation error swank

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Thu Sep 8 13:34:15 UTC 2011

* Irene DURAND [2011-09-08 13:12+0200] writes:

> Hi,
> I just started teaching Lisp to third year students and of course, they
> are all trying to install Slime on their laptops.
> One has a problem on a MacBook Pro (Lion) that I was unable to solve
> so far.
> ;; Error while compiling /Users/enguerrand-petit/slime/swank-sbcl.lisp:
> ;;   Don't know how to REQUIRE SB-BSD-SOCKETS.
> ;; See also:
> ;;   The SBCL Manual, Variable *MODULE-PROVIDER-FUNCTIONS*
> ;;   The SBCL Manual, Function REQUIRE
> ;; Aborting.

The SBCL Manual should contain the necessary info but now after a quick
look to www.sbcl.org/manual/ I'm rolling my eyes on The Useless SBCL

The most likely cause is that SBCL is unable to find the "contrib"
directory where SB-BSD-SOCKETS is stored.  If I remember correctly, this
can be specified with the SBCL_HOME environment variable: 

Anyway, (require 'sb-bsd-sockets) must work before you can compile


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