[slime-devel] "lexical-binding: t" breaks lexical-let

Anton Kovalenko anton at sw4me.com
Mon Jun 20 21:36:49 UTC 2011

As a user of bleeding-edge emacs builds (where lexical-binding: t in
slime.el actually matters), I'd like to warn SLIME developers than
LEXICAL-LET and LEXICAL-LET* macros are now broken in this mode.  They
expand into code that mixes (symbol-value) with let-bindings on a
dynamically-generated name, assuming that it will be accessed as special,
not lexical, variable.

If lexical-binding is actually available in emacs, bare LET and LET*
should be used instead (tried and worked).

I worked around it within my local emacsen by redefinieng lexical-let[*],
so they examine `lexical-binding' at expansion time, and expand into
LET[*] if appropriate.

The same thing could be done in slime.el (and something should be done,
IMHO -- in the worst case, removing lexical-binding: t until the issue
is fixed in Emacs). The following macros may provide a compatible
replacement for both new and old emacs versions:

;; If you know a cleaner way to test whether emacs supports
;; lexical binding, feel free to rewrite the macro below:
(defmacro lexical-bind-dispatch (lexical nolexical &rest body)
  "Dispatch to `lexical' or `nolexical' depending on `lexical-binding':
Expand into (lexical...) if lexical-binding is set and supported by emacs,
and into (nolexical...) otherwise"
  (if (and lexical-binding
           (let (should-not-become-boundp)
             (not (boundp 'should-not-become-boundp))))
      `(,lexical , at body)
    `(,nolexical , at body)))

(defmacro lex-let* (bindings &rest body)
  `(lexical-bind-dispatch let* lexical-let* ,bindings , at body))

(defmacro lex-let (bindings &rest body)
  `(lexical-bind-dispatch let lexical-let ,bindings , at body))

Regards, Anton Kovalenko
+7(916)345-34-02 | Elektrostal' MO, Russia

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