[slime-devel] slime-compile-defun in a package with ccl not work as sbcl

Darren Hoo darren.hoo at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 01:20:18 UTC 2011

Sorry, it's all my fault, actually it works quite well 

I found the culprit: this line in my config file:

;;(setq slime-find-buffer-package-function 'find-mit-scheme-package)

The buffer's current package is determined by the line (in-package ...)
in the buffer, the above line of config causes it not to work.
I wonder why I always had got ? in the mode line which should be the 
name of the buffer's current package.
Sorry for the noise. It is really perfect!

> C-c C-c ie slime-compile-defun on a function with ccl
> will always define or redefine the function in the package
> CL-USER regardless of which package the repl is currently
> in, while with sbcl slime-compile-defun will change the 
> function in the package that the repl is currently in 
> which is pretty much what I want.

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