[slime-devel] cl-workbooks in emacs?

Pascal J. Bourguignon pjb at informatimago.com
Sat Feb 19 14:54:03 UTC 2011

Mirko Vukovic <mirko.vukovic at gmail.com> writes:

> This is not a slime question, but it is about emacs & common lisp.
> I use slime + clisp and sbcl for my work.  I use REPL as an environement for interactive data analysis.  I need to produce an annotated log of the analysis.
> I am looking for a workbook type of file mode, in which I would enter into a file:
>  - text (with markup rules such as in muse-mode or org-mode)
>  - valid CL code
> At the end of the day I could `publish' the file (as an html, pdf, latex) document which would contain
>  - the text
>  - The CL code (formatted appropriately)
>  - Results of executing the CL code.
> Some of my commands produce graphics via gnuplot, and there should be conventions+intelligence to dump these into a png format and insert into the published file.
> Right now, I am doing it very crudely by
>  - creating a .lisp file
>  - Writing text in #| |# blocks in emacs' muse mode.
>  - CL stuff in rest of the buffer
>  - Executing C-u C-c C-x to paste CL results into the buffer
>  - modifying things a bit by hand
>  - and leaving it at that.
> Are there any packages that can help me accomplish this?

Have a look at CL:DRIBBLE.

In addition you could have a function that would print the "URL" of the
picture you generate, so that it's recorded in the dribble.  Then you
could process automatically the dribble to publish it.

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