[slime-devel] Slime with multi processing

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Tue Aug 2 14:15:40 UTC 2011

* Andrew Myers [2011-08-02 13:34] writes:

> Hello everyone,
> I work on a Lisp project using Allegro Common Lisp and recently started
> investigating using SLIME instead of the Franz's package.  I had tried to do
> this about a year ago when I started this job but for various reasons never
> pursued it very far.  I much prefer SLIME over the Franz package and have
> most of the functionality I'm used to working already with the exception of
> multiprocessing debugging.
> We have a few other threads running using the Franz Multiprocessing API but
> when using SLIME the output from these threads (both stdout and trace output)
> only goes to the *inferior-lisp* buffer, it does not show up in the SLIME
> repl.  Can anyone point me to documentation on how to fix this?  I've been
> looking through the SLIME manual and online but haven't been able to find
> anything yet.

If the output actually shows up in the *inferior-lisp* buffer then the
easiest fix is:  M-x slime-redirect-inferior-output 
This is an Emacs-side only solution and doesn't involve the Lisp-side.

On the Lisp-side you can set SWANK:*GLOBALLY-REDIRECT-IO* in your
~/.swank.lisp.  That should be documented in the manual.

The stream to Emacs can be obtained with 
    (swank::connnection.user-io (swank::default-connection)) 
Perhaps you can to use that for your own tricks, e.g. with


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