[slime-devel] Execute REPL in main thread

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Wed Nov 24 13:50:21 UTC 2010

* Tobias C Rittweiler [2010-11-24 10:40] writes:

> People on macosx are regularly bitten by some arcane
> restrictions in e.g. opengl that requires stuff to
> be executed in the main thread.
> Is it a too arcane use case, or do you think it warrants
> a new communication style that makes sure the main thread
> is used for the REPL?

Hard to say.  I don't do this stuff.  Those toolkits written in
C/C++/Objective-C usually run an event loop and it's probably a better
idea to send events to the UI thread.  Maybe
swank::*listener-eval-function* could be used for this.  That function
could tell the GUI toolkit to properly call a Lisp function in the UI

> Actually there are more uses, for example I have a script
> "start-swank <port>" which I'd like to die in case something
> goes wrong with the Slime connection rather than be stuck
> in the native repl.

Maybe a case for *connection-closed-hook*.


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