[slime-devel] Breaks with SBCL on Mac

Vinay vinay at vmmenon.org
Wed Aug 25 03:43:53 UTC 2010

I just updated slime and find that it breaks when I use SBCL.

I get the following error :

compiling file "/usr/local/slime/swank-sbcl.lisp" 
STREAM for "file /usr/local/slime/swank-sbcl.lisp" {10034495E1}>:
Symbol "*RUNTIME-PATHNAME*" not found in the SB-EXT package.; 
compilation aborted after 

;; Error while compiling /usr/local/slime/swank-sbcl.lisp:
;;   COMPILE-FILE returned NIL.
;; Aborting.
;; * 

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