[slime-devel] SLIME snapshot (unix, sbcl): take3 (+ background-save-image)

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Fri Aug 20 10:42:08 UTC 2010

* Anton Kovalenko [2010-08-20 10:06] writes:

> Hello SLIME developers,

I guess I'll wait with committing this until things settle down :-)

> New variant of slime-snapshot proposed update (for SBCL+unix)
> is attached. Implementation dependencies were moved where they belong,
> i.e. into SBCL backend.
> This new variant includes a new interface, with SBCL+unix
> implementation, namely, background-save-image: while the image is
> dumped, the main REPL remains available; success or failure is reported
> with a background message. Slime-snapshot is patched to use
> background-save-image in the presence of prefix argument: 
> C-u M-x slime-snapshot <RET>. Without a prefix argument, it uses
> normal, synchronous (save-image).

This asynchronous mode seems complicated.  Saving the image doesn't take
that long to justify a complicated interface.  Apparently you did that
to wait for a reply on a pipe; but save-image (the normal synchronous
variant) could do that by calling serve-events until the reply arrives.


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