[slime-devel] Daily ChangeLog diff

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Mon Apr 19 08:03:01 UTC 2010

* Mark Harig [2010-04-18 19:29+0200] writes:

>> P.S. Could you send unified diffs (-u option), it's much easier to 
> read.
> I have been sending "context" difference listings because that is what
> is specified for patches in the Emacs manual:
> M-: (info "(emacs) Sending Patches")
>    * Use `diff -c' to make your diffs.  Diffs without context are hard
>      to install reliably.  More than that, they are hard to study; we
>      must always study a patch to decide whether we want to install it.
>      Unidiff format is better than contextless diffs, but not as easy
>      to read as `-c' format.
> Unfortunately, the SLIME manual does not document the preferred format
> for difference listings in patches.  Could the primary developers come
> to an agreement on what they prefer and add that to slime.texi?

It's in the file HACKING.


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