[slime-devel] Recent (two-three months) problems using CMUCL+SLIME

Stas Boukarev stassats at gmail.com
Sat Apr 17 18:37:24 UTC 2010

Raymond Toy <toy.raymond at gmail.com> writes:

> On 4/15/10 10:30 AM, Stas Boukarev wrote:
>> Raymond Toy <toy.raymond at gmail.com> writes:
>>> On 4/14/10 11:31 AM, Raymond Toy wrote:
>>>> On 4/13/10 11:05 PM, Alex Goncharov wrote:
>>>>> I am on the bleeding edge of everything here: SLIME and CMUCL built
>>>>> out of CVS repositories, GNU Emacs 23.1.1.
>>>>> A few months ago, SLIME and CMUCL stopped functioning for me in any
>>>>> acceptable way.  I vaguely correlate this to my switching from GNU
>>>>> Emacs 22 to 23, but can't be sure that the Emacs upgrade was indeed
>>>>> the deciding factor.
>>>> Well, I finally decided to try a newer version of slime (was using
>>>> 2009-08-xx).  It seems to work just fine for me with xemacs 21.5.29 and
>>>> the 2010-04 snapshot of cmucl.
>>> I think I found one problem.  In slime-init-popup-buffer in slime.el,
>>> there's a reference to minor-mode-list.  This doesn't exist in xemacs;
>>> it's called minor-mode-alist.  Perhaps that's a typo?
>> It's not a typo, it's used to determine wether mode is minor or major.
> Oh, ok.  I'll have to poke around to see if there's some equivalent for
> xemacs.
I removed the usage of minor-mode-list, so it should work on XEmacs now.

With Best Regards, Stas.

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