[slime-devel] Restart Numbering

Madhu enometh at meer.net
Mon Oct 26 10:30:55 UTC 2009

[Replying again to Levente, same message but proofread]

* Levente Mészáros
Wrote on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 08:56:19 +0100:

| On Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 7:26 PM, Madhu <enometh at meer.net> wrote:
|> * "Tobias C. Rittweiler" <87r5srbax3.fsf at freebits.de> :
|> Wrote on Sun, 25 Oct 2009 19:12:08 +0100:
|> I'm not sure what youre asking, perhaps the flaw is in the way
|> restarts were designed by the writers of the framework, who probably
|> gave no thought to the issue and you are changing slime to fit that
|> flawed view of the world.
|> I have not used those frameworks or looked at those tests.
| It's really weird to read this discussion.
| You seem to be so sure about how others use slime/lisp (what they like
| or dislike) by extrapolating your own usage scenarios.

If you read carefully upthread, you should note that everything I've
stated in this thread is about MY experience and MY usage scenarios,
which I have been careful to qualify as such.

What makes you think I've extrapolated anything? The parts where I try
to provide the rationale for the behaviour I outline?

Tobias seems to recognize that the `other's usage scenarios' are results
of miscoding and/or not understanding how restart contours work.

|> Why don't you put a variable there? Then both of you will be ok, and
|> others can also choose according to their own preference. Keep the
|> old behavior as default, and it's done.
|> And if we are at it, why does SLDB give a number for restarts which
|> do already have a 1 keystroke keybinding?  q, a, c could just be
|> written in place of the numbers, and those numbers could be saved for
|> other restarts... but this would be my personal taste and I'm sure
|> you can find arguments in your taste against it.

Because of consistency, you always want to invoke the innermost restart
with 0. This is not always Q.


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