[slime-devel] broken clojure REPL

Stefan Kamphausen skampi at gmx.net
Tue Nov 17 21:03:24 UTC 2009


> You didn't answer the important question:

that's because I'm not sure.  

> > > Clojure seems to conflate how symbols are named, and how they're
> > > read in. Is there no way to escape symbol names?

I'm not sure what exactly you mean in the first place.  Are you referring to CL's "|" around names?  Please give me an explanation.

> I can change %cursor-marker% to have a symbol name that's nicer for
> clojure to cope with. But it would be an interim solution, only. I
> really want to see this fixed in Clojure.
> At the moment, the Clojure backend does not correctly implement parsing
> the protocol.

Currently to me it looks like we can't get past the reader and then it's hard to implement some parsing.  

But again, I think I misunderstand what you are patiently trying to explain to me.

FWIW, here's a very short doc taken from http://clojure.org/reader

"Symbols begin with a non-numeric character and can contain alphanumeric characters and *, +, !, -, _, and ? (other characters will be allowed eventually, but not all macro characters have been determined).
A symbol can contain one or more non-repeating ':'s"

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