[slime-devel] broken clojure REPL

Tobias C. Rittweiler tcr at freebits.de
Sun Nov 15 13:39:48 UTC 2009

"Stefan Kamphausen" <skampi at gmx.net> writes:

> I ask myself, how many Clojure users are reading this list and are
> using Slime from CVS?  Maybe enough to consider integrating official
> support for Clojure?

Non-CL backends, like contribs, are maintained by whoever feels like
it. There's no "official support". I wouldn't mind distributing a swank
backend for clojure within the contrib/ directory -- but, personally, I
wouldn't have bothered checking its workingness back then even if such a
backend had been available in the official distribution.

> > What are the last rpc expressions in *slime-events*?
> ...
> (:emacs-rex
>  (swank:arglist-for-echo-area
>   '("+" "" swank::%cursor-marker%)
>   :print-right-margin 1000 :print-lines 1)
>  "user" :repl-thread 6)
> (:emacs-rex
>  (swank:arglist-for-echo-area
>   '("+" "3" "4" swank::%cursor-marker%)
>   :print-right-margin 1000 :print-lines 1)
>  "user" :repl-thread 7)
> (:emacs-rex
>  (swank:listener-eval "(+ 3 4)\n")
>  "user" :repl-thread 8)

The API for SWANK:ARGLIST-FOR-ECHO-AREA changed; I do not know why that
change triggers an infinite loop in the respective clojure code. My
hands are tied on this issue -- report to the maintainers of the clojure
fork that this portion of the API changed. The new API is described in a
comment in swank-arglists.lisp. (The upshot is that the new API allows
for more fined-grained highlighting of parameters in case Clojure has
something like &key parameters.)


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