[slime-devel] start slime mit-scheme failed

Darren Hoo darren.hoo at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 08:23:03 UTC 2009

I downloaded slime 20091111 snapshot and slime clisp works perfectly
but when I followed the instructions in swank-mit-scheme.scm and I try
to start slime with M-x mit-scheme,I got:

Unbound variable: :swank-asdf

 0: [use-value] Specify a value to use instead of :swank-asdf.
 1: [store-value] Define :swank-asdf to a given value.
 2: [abort] Return to SLDB level 1.
 3: [use-value] Specify a value to use instead of swank:swank-require.
 4: [store-value] Define swank:swank-require to a given value.
 5: [abort] Return to SLIME top-level.

  0: ;Unknown (methodless) #[stack-frame 14]
  1: :swank-asdf
  2: :swank-asdf
  3: (eval (cons* (car sexp) socket (cdr sexp)) swank-env)
  4: (set! result (eval (cons* (car sexp) socket (cdr sexp)) swank-env))
  5: (with-simple-restart (quote abort) 
  (format #f "Return to SLDB level ~a." level) 
  (lambda () (dispatch (read-packet socket) socket level)))
  6: ;unknown compiled code
  7: ;unknown compiled code
  8: ;unknown compiled code

The version of mit-scheme I used is 7.7.90+20090107-1,which is supposed
to work with slime as described in swank-mit-scheme.scm.I can verify
that The file
/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/slime/contrib/slime-asdf.el has been
successfully loaded

what could possibly be wrong? I'm quite a newbie on scheme. I would
appreciated that someone can help me out.

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