[slime-devel] Float representation problem

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Wed Jul 22 13:38:19 UTC 2009

* Christian Lynbech [2009-07-18 07:49+0200] writes:

> None the less I guess it hints at a fragility in the moving of floats
> between CL and emacs, though I know too little about the slime internals
> to say if this is in the generic parts (in which case it probably ought
> to be handled) or just in the particulars of the fuzzy completion
> contrib.

Yep.  Sending floats across the wire is problematic and should be
avoided.  It would be better to send it as string.  We could probably
enforce that but I doubt that it's worth doing so.  We could also forbid
bignums and symbols with bars etc.  There are many small differences
between Emacs's and CL's syntax, but it's just too convenient not to
exploit the similarities.


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