[slime-devel] Restart Frame on Clozure

Tobias C. Rittweiler tcr at freebits.de
Fri Jul 17 18:13:17 UTC 2009

Terje Norderhaug <terje at in-progress.com> writes:

> Could perhaps frame-restartable-p be defined for #+powerpc in openmcl- 
> swank? I am eager to use this functionality with Clozure even if it  
> does not yet work on all hardware platforms.

Notice that FRAME-RESTARTABLE-P has _no_ consequences on the ability to
restart from frames.

All it does is to make frames that are known to be restartable be
fontified specially in the SLDB buffer.


PS. If you want to change the colors, you can use

  M-x customize-face RET sldb-restartable-frame-line
  M-x customize-face RET sldb-non-restartable-frame-line

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