[slime-devel] locked in *inferior-lisp*

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Fri Aug 14 06:27:48 UTC 2009

* Faré [2009-08-10 23:45+0200] writes:

> After upgrading to a recentish SLIME (from a few weeks ago), a
> colleague working on another project reports that:
> First, I use slime-interactive-eval in the slime-connected-hook to do
> various bits of QPX setup: switch packages, load some custom debugging
> code, and start the QPX running.  Starting a QPX running can take up to
> a minute.  The old SLIME would pop up the nice REPL, display the output
> from starting the QPX server, and allow me to switch to other buffers.
> The new SLIME freezes emacs in the *inferior-lisp* buffer without
> opening the REPL, does not display the output from starting the QPX
> server until it's finished, and most importantly does not allow me to do
> other work in the emacs.  Is there any way to get the old behavior back?

Maybe it helps if you add your hook at the end of slime-connected-hook
by setting the APPEND argument of add-hook.


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