[slime-devel] Split windows resizing

Ole Arndt ole at sugarshark.com
Tue Apr 28 19:34:20 UTC 2009

Patrick May <pjm at spe.com> writes:

> I'm running Slime in Aquamacs and I use split windows to see both my code and
> the repl.  I initially set the repl window to be just 10 lines or so with
> c-u-55-x-2, but when any scrolling output appears, it gets resized to half
> the available frame.
> Is there a way I can tell Slime to leave my window sizes alone?

I use ECB http://ecb.sf.net for that. It allows you to set up a fixed
sized repl window (compilation buffer). It actually does much more,
check it out.

Ole Arndt                     http://www.sugarshark.com

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