[slime-devel] REPL buffer is not created in Vista

Sidney Markowitz sidney at sidney.com
Tue Apr 28 17:46:55 UTC 2009

Adam Dodek Michalik wrote, On 28/4/09 10:28 PM:
> The problem is, after setting everything up as described in
> README, doing M-x slime won't cause slime repl buffer to pop up -

slime-repl was moved out of the default installation into contrib some
months ago so it is no longer loaded by default. You can use
(slime-setup 'slime-repl) in your .emacs file to load it, or if you like
 the other features of slime-fancy you can use (slime-setup
'slime-fancy) instead to have something that will work with both the
older released version of SLIME and the CVS version, since slime-fancy
loads slime-repl.

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