[slime-devel] Re: Problems with cvs slime

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Fri Sep 19 06:23:23 UTC 2008

* Alexandre Passos [2008-09-18 22:09+0200] writes:

> Hello,
> Until recently I was using slime 2.0 without any issues. This week I
> decided to upgrade to the cvs version. I use ubuntu Hardy Heron, sbcl
> 1.0.11.debian and emacs23 (ubuntu's cvs snapshot).
> After a small time of usage (sometimes not enough to eval a single
> expression in the repl, sometimes longer) slime stops responding (for
> example, hanging emacs when I ask for symbol completion). In the
> *inferior-lisp* buffer I see something like
> ;; Swank started at port: 60259.
> 60259
> * fatal error encountered in SBCL pid 12153(tid 3085153968):
> maximum interrupt nesting depth (32) exceeded
> Welcome to LDB, a low-level debugger for the Lisp runtime environment.
> ldb>
> And from then all I manage to do is quit. Is there any way out, or
> should I just downgrade?

I suspect that is related to sb-ext:with-timeout.  You can try to set
swank:*communication-style* to :fd-handler (in ~/.swank.lisp).
You can also look at the receive-if function in swank-sbcl.lisp
and disable the variant which uses sb-ext:with-timeout.


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