[slime-devel] CMUCL Timers (was: Buffered slime output)

Madhu enometh at meer.net
Fri Sep 12 03:10:26 UTC 2008

* Helmut Eller <m2sks7x8nz.fsf at common-lisp.net> :
Wrote on Thu, 11 Sep 2008 12:45:52 +0200:
| * Raymond Toy [2008-09-11 03:24+0200] writes:
|> So I set *use-dedicated-output-stream* to T.  This works much better,

I'd like to see *use-dedicated-output-stream* supported: It is useful
and sometimes necessary for output to not to go through the whole of
slime repl's infrasturcture.

|> but now the output is interleaved with the output of the repl.  That is,
|> the result of the repl is printed before the output of the function.  I
|> can live with that, but it's kind of annoying too.
| To fix that, we would need to synchronize the two streams.  That's not
| easy, because we just write the raw output to the dedicated output
| stream.  We don't even have sequence numbers or something like that.
|> Is there something I've missed to cause this behavior?  Oh, I'm also
|> running this with the latest snapshot of cmucl (no unicode)
| Ideally, buffered output would be flushed with a timer, but CMUCL has no
| timers.

There was a SERVE-TIMER conribution in 2004 posted in


I was using this for a while, and hoped it would be included into CMUCL.
I'm not sure how to reach the author now.  Perhaps it could still be
added to CMUCL?

[For my own stuff, since then, I've been task queues running on top of
MP to implement timers.  I'm not sure if this is better than serve-timer
for a general CMUCL solution for inclusion in CMUCL.  For an early
prototype implementation of teh PQ based timer, you can search google
for "cmucl"+"cron.lisp" and skip any bknr links.  I'd be interested in
advice on both]


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