[slime-devel] More features by default

Sidney Markowitz sidney at sidney.com
Sun Dec 28 03:34:32 UTC 2008

Zach Beane wrote, On 28/12/08 3:43 PM:
> I disagree. I think the default slime setup should have no contribs
> loaded, not the arbitrary slime-fancy kitchen sink of contribs loaded.

I agree with you. I have just set up the default installation of the
slime plugin for Aquamacs to load slime-fancy and some other contrib
modules. Even though I like slime-fancy enough to do that, I would not
want to confuse people by having the loading of some set of modules
hidden in a default value of an optional argument. This way, whatever we
choose for the default installation on slime on Aquamacs will be
explicit in the setup-slime call in the initialization file and easily
modified by anyone who has different preferences.

 -- sidney

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