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Madhu enometh at meer.net
Wed Dec 24 10:18:11 UTC 2008

* kogu <loom.20081224T063259-249 at post.gmane.org> :
Wrote on Wed, 24 Dec 2008 06:33:17 +0000 (UTC):

| I have a dual monitor setup. So I create a new frame, move that to the
| second monitor, and set that to the Slime REPL buffer.
| Now in my main monitor, I have the code visible. When I run a function
| in the main window, the window is split in half with code and REPL
| showing.
| I want to stop this behavior of automatically splitting the
| window. The REPL on the other frame updates, so that's not a
| problem. So when I run a function (C-M-x), I don't want the window to
| split. Can anyone please help me with this?

In one setup, I set up pop-up-windows to nil, and even advice
pop-to-buffer to call switch-to-buffer instead.  In this scenario, a
recent change to slime causes problems by insisting that slime display
repl output in a certain way.  I had asked about this earlier here on
this list -- 

    Subject: Eliminating annoying pop-ups
    Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2008 07:20:57 +0530
    Message-ID: <m34p2n0wla.fsf at moon.robolove.meer.net>

FWIW I work around it with the appended patch to slime.el.  (Although I
do not recommend this approach)


    eliminate popping up the repl buffer during interactive eval.
    * (slime-eval-with-transcript-no-popups): New variable. Set this to
       avoid popups.
diff --git a/slime.el b/slime.el
index fc4e56c..649c90f 100644
--- a/slime.el
+++ b/slime.el
@@ -5442,10 +5442,13 @@ inserted in the current buffer."
                           (destructuring-bind (output value) result
                             (insert output value)))))))
+(defvar slime-eval-with-transcript-no-popups t) ;madhu 081111
 (defun slime-eval-with-transcript (form &optional msg no-popups cont)
   "Eval FROM in Lisp.  Display output, if any, caused by the evaluation."
   (when msg (slime-insert-transcript-delimiter msg))
-  (setq slime-repl-popup-on-output (not no-popups))
+  ;;(setq slime-repl-popup-on-output (not no-popups))
+  (setq slime-repl-popup-on-output (not slime-eval-with-transcript-no-popups))
   (setq cont (or cont #'slime-display-eval-result))
   (slime-rex (cont (buffer (current-buffer))) (form)
     ((:ok value) (slime-eval-with-transcript-cont t value cont 

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